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Go behind-the-scenes of how we build sales pages that generates RM919,800 in revenue – and use our playbook to achieve the same.

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Getting more customers with digital marketing used to be like magic.

In 2012, I ran a recording studio. 

I used to run music production workshops, where I would charge RM100 per person. To attract participants, I would run a RM50 worth of Facebook ads and receive about 20-40 sign-ups each time. 

I ran one of the sessions at a Switch Apple store.

It costed me roughly around RM2 to acquire a participant! No sales-page, email automation or crazy funnels needed. All I did was post an event on Facebook and run a RM50 ad campaign. 

Fast forward to today. 

If you run any ads at all – you’ll intuitively know it’s crazy hard to get RM2 per lead. In fact, some businesses would be lucky to be paying RM2 for a click!

So, what happened?


Today, we live in an exciting time to start a business. 

Right now, in the next one hour – you can set up a website and use paid advertising (Facebook and Google), to reach anybody you want in the world. A CEO, school teacher or small business owner in his 30s. 

Anybody with a laptop and internet access can do that.

But there’s a problem.

The lower entry barrier to starting a business, also meant more businesses are being set up every day.

As a result, the market is noisier than ever. Customers are bombarded with tons of average products and services. They become desensitized. Average no longer attract them. 

So if you were to just run an ad – most people wouldn’t even notice it.

But my products are not average!

I get it. You have a great product. 

But your customers don’t know that. All they see are your words, images, and videos.

And ever since digital marketing exploded, every other marketer did marketing by copying what everyone else was doing. That’s why you see websites with sales pages and offers that look similar. 

All it takes could be a small tweak to turn your business profitable.

This happened when to a client-partner of mine. 

We sold data science bootcamps. 

But our sales page sounded like everyone else. “The 48-Hour Data Science Bootcamp”. Our audience ended up comparing the bootcamp to a cheap Udemy course. Enrolment wasn’t great. This went on for a few months until I said, “let’s start running webinars” 

These webinars gave me an opportunity to talk to attendees – figuring out what they truly wanted. 

A week later, we made a few tweaks on the sales page. We changed the headline to, “Learn the in-demand skill that will transform your career”. We made sure to answer every objection on the sales page. We repositioned the offer and added a course guarantee. 

Enrolment started picking up. At peak, we would run a webinar and convert over 10 students at RM3,899 each.

All this, from just a few tweaks to the sales page.

We ended up using the same sales page for over 2 years, only making small edits here and there. It became the most profitable product. 


  • We didn’t spend more on ads. 
  • We didn’t change the product
  • And we definitely didn’t discount the price. (In fact, we increased the price over the years)

And today, I want to show you how. 

Introducing early access to

Sales Page Makeover

Turn your sales page into a revenue-generating engine in 7 days.

what it looks like inside

Sales Page Makeover is a 7-day workshop that goes through our playbook for creating high-converting sales pages. You’ll go through how we start creating a sales page, adding essential components and what we do – if a sales page isn’t converting.

What's inside

Sales Page Makeover show you exactly how to create high-converting sales pages. Follow along, step-by-step and buld your sales page over 7 days with us.

You'll get our sales page playbook and watch me turn normal sales pages into high-converting ones.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How do you start? And break the writer’s block. 
  • Discover what an RM1,000,000 sales page looks like. 
  • Use psychology triggers to get people to really want your product.

You’ll learn:

  • The 6-step framework we use to create desire. 
  • How to NOT sound like everyone else. 
  • How do you know if your copy and sales page are good. 
  • The DailyCMO’s proven storytelling framework that you can implement on your sales page – today.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to sound natural, not salesy on your sales pages. 
  • The strategy to make readers go, “Yes, this is what I want!”
  • How to find perfect customers and leave the rest.
  • The 3 methods you can use to get readers to click “Buy Now” instead of “I’ll do this later”.

What you’ll learn:

  • The psychology of high-converting offers. How do people sell big-ticket items? 
  • 6 proven ways to enhance your offer. 
  • How to remove customer objectives and close the sale.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to identify what to fix – and what to prioritize on your sales page. 
  • Challenge yourself to get 3 paying customers in 24 hours – and validate by selling. 
  • How to respond to rejections and use it to improve conversions.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to write headlines that stop readers in their tracks.
  • Customer mind-reading: How to get readers to think, “Wow, this sales page is speaking to me.” 
  • Our framework to save 10 hours a week building sales pages. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The truth behind long vs short sales pages and how to never hit audience fatigue.
  • Going for the 2nd launch. Is your sales page, high-converting and ready? 
  • What to do if nobody buys. 

How the workshop works

Theory is nice. But doing is what matters. Sales Page Makeover gets you to implementtest, and iterate. Bit by bit. Drip by drip. Turning your sales page from mediocre to high-converting in 7 days.

Start on 29th May. We recommend spending 30-mins to 1 hour per day, going through the materials and working on the assignments.

Do the workshop and implement a little each day. Share your work with the community, and get feedback to improve.

Test your sales page in public, get feedback and reiterate untill you hit your conversions goals. You have lifetime access to the workshop materials – including future updates.

Start on 29th May. We recommend spending 30-mins to 1 hour per day, going through the materials and working on the assignments.

Do the workshop and implement a little each day. Share your work with the community, and get feedback to improve.

Test your sales page in public, get feedback and reiterate untill you hit your conversions goals. You have lifetime access to the workshop materials – including future updates.

Join Sales Page Makeover today

Joining the early access locks in the price of RM1,299 for everything the workshop has to offer, including support, monthly calls, free updates and more.

The workshop starts on 29th May and ends on 6th June. Participants move through the workshop together. After it ends, you still have access to your work and the materials. 

*Workshop starts 29th May 2024.

Join the workshop

Join early access to save.

RM1,299 early access

RM2,390 sponsor*

* Sponsor a participant to take the workshop. The participant will build/makeover your sales page.

Both options give the same access to everything in Sales Page Makeover workshop. 

About the sponsor program

You run a business, you’re busy. You just want someone to do the work. We get it. 

Well, what if we can teach and guide someone to build your sales page – following our practice, framework and methodology, and get a 2-5X increase in revenue (with no extra advertising)?

In this program, the participant will build/makeover one (1) sales page for your business. Plus, we’ll feature you as a sponsor.

This is a new learning model we’re testing, following our mission to make learning accessible and to help businesses grow revenue. 


Frequently asked questions

I stand by this workshop with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. 

Because I’ve taught the lessons and implemented them, I know it works, and I can take the risk myself. 

However, online join if you intend to follow the action steps. This is a workshop, not a course. It is designed for you to take action. If you ask for a refund, I would require you to show us that you did the work.

Don’t worry. Although we recommend taking and going through the workshop together with the others – we understand that life can get busy.

Sales Page Makeover includes lifetime access, so if you find yourself busy – you can pause and resume whenever you need to. 

The community inside (we use Discourse) will always be available to help. 

We recommend spending 30 minutes to 1 hour per day on the workshop. 

The magic is in taking small actions each day that deliver amazing results. Author James Clear calls this Atomic Habits.

You don’t need to be a great copywriter to create a great sales page. The secret is in writing like you talk – and to your audience.

If you can write emails and messages, you can write a sales page. 

Every participant will go through the workshop and implement together during the 7 days. 

You have access to the entire workshop and will receive future updates – free. 

The best marketer of a business is usually the founder themselves. 

You can pay a marketing agency or copywriter to build your sales page. But how can you verify if they did great work and make adjustments, if you don’t know how?

After this workshop, you will be able to know just by scanning – if your sales page works or not.

Learning how to write and build great sales pages is a skill that pays. The principles in Sales Page Makeover can be applied to a future product, service, SaaS or any copy where you’re trying to sell.