Your ads will never convert, because they don't know you

If they don't know, like or trust you – they'll never flow you. It's time to position yourself, show up and get the clients and opportunities you deserve.

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Physical Workshop: 31st January 2024
Followed by online workshop from 1st – 7th Feb 2024

Are you tired of…

  • Losing business opportunities.
  • Having uncertainty about your professional direction.
  • Not knowing what you stand for.
  • Being overlooked and undervalued.
  • Not being recognized for your skills and contributions.
  • Struggling to build connections that become opportunities.
  • Being unable to communicate your services.
  • Having imposter syndrome and feeling like a cheat. 
  • Being constantly aimless and frustrated. 
  • Not knowing how to market yourself. 


You can change that. Even the most introverted person can take small steps and improvements to completely renew their brand and image. 

You just have to start. 

What is your brand?

You, your husband, your kids, your friends – EVERYONE has a brand. 

What causes people to perceive you in the way they do, is dependent on what they see you doing most of the time. Are you constantly complaining and whining on social media? Are you a hardworking gym-goer? A loving dad? Are you even visible?

Influencers have been branded as fake, rich people have been branded as greedy and rappers have been branded as gangsters – you get the point. 

How have you branded yourself?

If you don’t know, you should be concerned. 

Think about someone you admire. You probably respect him or her for the thing they do. That is their brand.

Your brand is the most valuable asset you have. It determines your value in the market and your success.

Best-known, beats best.

Why does McDonald’s continue to dominate the market for burgers? Would you be able to compete with McDonald’s by creating a tastier, better burger? 

No. Simply because McDonald’s competes with their brand, by being best-known. 

What if you methodically built a personal brand? 

Imagine a different kind of Monday morning. You wake up – no alarm clock. No rush this morning. You make a nice cup of coffee, turn on your favorite podcast, and head out for a short walk with your dog. 

When you get home, you pour yourself another cup of coffee. You take a sip and look at your email. 

Someone just emailed you about a paid speaking opportunity. No need to even pitch a price. You tell yourself you’ll reply with a confirmation later and head over to browse Instagram. 

Suddenly, you received a message on WhatsApp. It’s not a boss texting you – it’s a friend referring a business deal to you. 

This feels like the law of attraction, you thought to yourself.

6 months ago, you had to constantly look for business and fight for every deal. Today, you have a personal brand that seems to sell itself. 

1-day physical + 7-day online WorkshOP

The Personal Brand Makeover Workshop 

Designed to help you position yourself correctly and more powerfully, in your voice. 

You’ll learn how to connect from the heart and cut through the noise, giving you the confidence to show up and be the best version of your professional self.

There’s no need to fake it till you make it. This workshop will show you how to win clients by being your authentic self. 

Elevate your visibility

Get more opportunities, collaborations and recognition making others more likely to seek your insights and skills.

2-5X your income

Land your dream clients and investors easily. Be the top choice, and known for your brand.

Confidence boost

Build a systematic marketing strategy to continuously build your brand, complete with a ready-to-go personal brand bio, elevator intro and themes.

Networking powerhouse

Build a broader and meaningful professional network that opens doors to new deals, collaborations, and thought leadership opportunities.

Find your voice

Position yourself better and more powerfully. Connect from the heart and cut through the noise.

Be known

People don't buy base on the price tag. They buy what makes them feel connected and passionate.

Be the go-to person

What makes you the choice for your niche? Become the person potential customers go for, instead of the rest.

"Be everywhere"

Best-known beats best. Follow our strategy to be everywhere and known.

How this works?

This is a course workshop.

At a course, you go through a bunch of lectures. At a workshop, you take action and make things happen.

31st January 2024 - CommonGround Jaya One, PJ

Kickstart with a full-day workshop

Set yourself up for success together with your instructor, Mel Chai – and the other participants in the program. Discover methods to develop your inner confidence and design a personal brand blueprint.

The 6 Pillars of Personal Branding

Go through the 6 Pillars of personal branding – uncovering your values, what makes you unique and develop a brand story, so that you can beat out your competition and be the go-to person in your field.

1st Feb to 7th Feb 2024 - ONline Workshop

Continue working online

You can’t build a personal brand in one day. That’s why the workshop continues online for another 7-days, where you’ll receive short daily assignments, that will prompt you to take action on your own practice.

Launch your new personal brand

Take it to the real world, with everything you have learnt and practiced over the week. Confidently apply everything to your own practice and see results.
Is the workshop for you?

Who is this for?

CEO & leader.

You lead a company, startup or organization. It's time you take a look at redefining your personal brand.

Marketer, sales leader.

A strong personal brand is like a "cheat code" to growing more customers and driving revenues.

Career-driven individuals.

You are currently focused on building a name in your field to create more opportunities for yourself.
Physical Workshop - 31st Jan 2024

Workshop curriculum

Get ready to build a personal brand that will bring back more ROI than you'll ever imagined. Take a look at what you'll learn in each module, plus a few bonuses along the way.

Date: 31st January 2024
Time: 9AM – 5PM
Venue: CommonGround, Jaya One The Square, 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor​

Discover your best self and design a personal brand blueprint. 

  • What Exactly is Personal Branding?
  • Discover Your Superpowers
  • Your Personal Brand Blueprint*

Get clear on exactly what moves the needle for your personal brand

  • Uncover Your Personality
  • Your Values & Beliefs
  • Your WHY statement
  • Your Unique Skills

Beat out your competition and be the go-to person.

  • Your competition.
  • Your wanted status
  • The online statement

Add “The Golden Touch” to make people remember who you are and what you stand for.

  • The Golden Touch
  • Your Story
  • Your Bio / One-Liner Elevator Intro

Creating real marketing plans together to make your success inevitable.

  • Marketing Plan Activity 1: Write Down Your Positioning Statements
  • Marketing Plan Activity 2: How To Spread Your Message Consistently
  • Marketing Plan Activity 3: Your Themes & Content Topics
  • Marketing Plan Activity 4: Reengineering Your Thoughts

Convince your audience through proofs and competent statements that put you in a position to win.

  • Your Proofs
  • Crafting Competent Statements to Convince Your Audience
  • Crash course on “Being Everywhere”
  • How to LinkedIn
Online workshop, 1st - 7th Feb 2024

7 days do-together online

Upon completing the physical workshop, implement plans and kickstart your brand through a 7-day online workshop. We recommend spending 30 minutes a day on the online workshop.

Day 1

Discover Your Superpowers: Identify your strengths & passions

Day 2

Go deep into uncovering your values, USPs, big WHY and what makes you truly unique.

Day 3

Define your unique competency and differentiator. This will help you beat out your competition and become the go-to person in your industry.

Day 4

Uncover your brand voice and add a "Golden Touch" to your introduction and find a conversion story.

Day 5

Build a marketing plan to launch your personal brand and "be everywhere".

Day 6

Build credibility for trust. Gather proofs and craft competent statements to convince your audience.

Day 7

Celebrate your new, re-defined and strong personal brand with the others and your instructor.


Instant Headlines

300+ ready-to-use headline formulas to create attention-grabbing content for social media, email newsletters, websites, and blogs.


The Storytelling Template Kit

8 storytelling templates to write social media posts that generates engagement. Full-length guidebook & complete writing guide included.

Including two bonuses

When you join the Personal Brand Makeover workshop.

Your instructor

Mel Chai

Mel Chai is a Communication Strategist at Stand Out With Mel who is on a mission to help people become better communicators who quickly win respect and get people’s attention—and keep it.

10 years in sales and business, 8 years startup founder, 3 years speaker, spoken on 5 live radio and stages. Obsessed with developing excellence and helping others get closer to their fullest potential.

“Everyone can be a better communicator starting today, not someday. Whether you’re pitching, presenting, promoting, or persuading, you can learn to win respect and quickly get people’s attention—unafraid. If you wish you knew exactly how to show up, create conversations or share your business in a way that makes people pay attention, creates sales and nail investor pitches easily – I would love to help!”

She is also the Founder of Madhair and ex-Jujumello.

Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t love the workshop? Then we don’t want to keep your money. Just let us know by the end of the physical workshop and we’ll return 100% of any fees you paid – no question asked.

Your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things prospective students ask us most often. If you’ve got a specific situation you want to chat about, schedule a one-on-one call with our team or email us at

Yes, you can. We’ll be live-streaming the entire physical workshop. Recordings will also be made available in the online workshop area.

We believe every leader and entrepreneur invests in a personal brand.

What do people say about you, when you’re not in the room? Do you stand out from the crowd? This workshop is made to help you stand out and build a larger-than-life personality that will become a vehicle to grow your business. 

As a member, you’ll have lifetime access to the workshop content, including your work.

We may apply a subscription fee to remain in the community, but as our early customers, your membership will always be free.

Your Accelerator membership is month to month and lasts as long as you’d like it to. However, since the Accelerator is designed to build your business from the ground up, we ask that anyone who wants to make the absolute most out of it to commit to a year with us.


From the physical workshop to online do-together sessions, the workshop is about 2 weeks long. 

But remember. The workshop only works if you do. It’s designed to create change in your personal brand, so the more work you do, the more you’ll get out of it.

Apart from the full-day physical workshop, we recommend allocating 30 minutes a day to go through the daily lessons and assignments, delivered on the online workshop platform.