How EyeMuse doubled their online sales without more advertising

And use their marketing strategies for your E-Commerce business.

Join us in a 1-hour webinar that will reveal mistakes you’re making with your E-Commerce business, based on a real case study of EyeMuse, and use the strategies to double your store revenue. 

  • User Experience: One small tweak that makes all the difference.  
  • Customer mind-reading. Getting your customers to buy more.
  • 3 conversion levers to implement to get more sales – tomorrow.

Limit of 100 participants. This will be a live session. We won’t be publishing replays.


28th May 2024 (Tuesday)

8:30PM – 9:30PM

Zoom (Online) 

Who is this for?
E-Commerce Business
(20k visitors per month & above)

Not another ol' boring webinar

Does the Zoom meeting interface give you cold shivers and remind you of the Covid-lockdown days? Not another Zoom webinar! 

Well, this clinic session isn’t one of those.

This is a high-energy, fun, interactive session together with Daily CMO’s Reuben and WebMedic’s Faisal where you’ll see a real case study, including every marketing strategy we used to double EyeMuse’s online sales.  

Yeah, this is not some made-up stuff we picked from thin air. 

You also get to ask questions and discuss marketing with us. That’s kinda cool.

Why is this live event free?

Are you selling something?

We started Daily CMO to help people do better marketing. This session is part of that mission. 

If you find the session useful, you might be consider our services and products. But there will be no hard sell.

We hate sleazy salespeople as much as you do.

Who's presenting?

Faisal Hourani

Faisal is founder of WebMedic, a service that helps E-Commerce brands launch and grow their online stores. He started programming websites at 14 and began doing freelance work during university, leaving to his first E-Commerce clients. 

WebMedic is a specialized service for E-Commerce, acting as a “website doctor”. Some of their clients include brands like Samsung, DiGi, Pos Malaysia, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, and Nateskin. 

Notable achievements: 

  • MSC status company
  • Malaysia Website Awards

Reuben Chng

Reuben is the founder of Daily CMO, a platform that helps businesses do better marketing to increase their revenue. 

He runs Underdog Con, a practical, no-nonsense marketing conference that focuses on sharing case studies and connecting the smartest marketers and businesses. 

As a marketer, he has worked with brands like TnB Malaysia, Nandos, Q-dees, Forward College and more.

Stuff you might ask

OK, quite sure nobody would ask this. But just in case, this is an online event.

We’re running it as a Zoom meeting. You may use your microphone and webcam to engage. But it isn’t compulsory. 

We’ve hosted hundreds of webinars and workshops. We see participants get the most out of the session when they engage actively. 

There are plenty of educational videos on YouTube. We don’t want to add another “webinar recording” to the clutter. Join us live. It’ll be worth your time. 

You’ll receive an email from us with the link to register for the session. 

We’ll send you reminders before the online clinic, and you’ll be added to Daily CMO’s newsletter. 

You can unsubscribe anytime, you don’t find our emails helpful.

Please spare one (1) hour to participate in the online clinic. 

Q&A will be 15 minutes.